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Pastor Rudy / Radio Host

Cornil Rudy William of Grace Vieux Fort is a Pastor, Joiner, Carpenter and Radio personality by profession. Being in love with the Lord and the gospel, Cornil Rudy William also known as “Pastor Rudy”, decided to join the radio station, where he can further preach the gospel to enlighten the minds of the public at large about the truth in knowing God.
Pastor Rudy as we all know him started his radio ministry in 2011 which is nine (9) years ago. He first started on “Love FM, then moved to Soufriere FM. He then moved to “Liberty fm. With all that passion for the gospel , he then decided to now own his personal radio ststion call, “Conscious Radio”, where he works in colaboration with Liberty fm. During all this time he host the show called “le’ve’ pou glorifye’ Dye’.

To help people free themselves from religious slavery, and to open the eyes of the blind, that man can see and know that in Jesus, they will not die but pass from death to life. And to live like the angels with the most high Jehovah