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It is happening NOW & it's ADDICTIVE!!!

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Well it is happening here, and we are doing it now, and yes it will be very addictive, The Country Diva Affair WITH Lady Divine.
On the Country Diva Affair, you will be entertained with the best new country music with a touch of motivational quotes and inspirational messages which will put a sensational taste in your heart, soul, and mind like never before. where all listeners will find themselves falling in love, feeling loved, wanting to be love, and wanting to love throughout the 2 hour segment.

Lady divine will explain why and how Latin America and The Caribbean Islands feel in love with Country Music and the history behind it: (What do Latin America and The Caribbean have in common with country music?? and how did they start listening to country In the Caribbean and Latin America?.
she will share Info on upcoming country music shows in Latin America and The Caribbean
Advertising Country Dances and shows in st. Lucia and Caribbean wide
There will be the opportunity to win prizes with games like Name that tune or Artist weekly.
Hello and welcome to the where we bring to you the best new country music
THE Country diva AFFAIR goal is to entice our younger listeners to join in on this country music train by digging some sensational new country music.
As we all know, country music entered St Lucian culture more than 70 yrs. ago and so, the older folks in St Lucia and the Caribbean love them some old country music, but what I have also notice is that most of the younger generation are not really feeling the old country vibe so my goal is to create a platform where they too can enjoy country music by introducing them to new country. So eventually they will embrace new country and eventually welcome the new country music like the older folks did with the old country music.
So tonight, go ahead and pour you a glass of wine, or bounty, Johnny walker black green or blue or maybe just a (((local spice rum)) or whatever floats your boat and jump on the Country diva AFFAIR train with your one and only LADY DIVINE.

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The Country Diva Affair crew

Jacinta James aka Lady Divine is a gifted St Lucian/ United States trained presenter, she combines the gift of her Sweet, Smooth, Serene and Passionate voice with a wealth of life and work experience , which covers Entertainment, Tourism, Culture, Art , Occupational Health and Safety, Banking , which she gathered in her life whiles traveling the world to deliver to you The Forbidden Glass of wine, and the Country DIVA Affair...