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Burnet Sealy/Bongo Wisely Tafari was born on the 5th of July 1955 in Gros Islet to Mr and Mrs William Sealy. Schooled at Gros Islet primary and then St Mary's college. Got employed by the Min of Agriculture in 1973, got a government scholarship and traveled to Jamaica in July 1974 to pursue a diploma in Agricultural science. Returned to the MOA in 1977 and has served my country in many areas. Worked as research officer with Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI) from 1979 - 1990 and then with the French Mission for Cooperation from 1990 - 2001. From 2001 to 2010, I served as Plant Quarantine officer and Crop Protection officer in the south of the island untill my retirement from the government service. During my studies in Jamaica, the Rastafari seed, sown in my consciousness from birth, germinated and was nurtured in the " Land of Wood and Water " Since then my Rastafari journey has taken me over hills and vallies, over rocks and mountains into the rivers paying tribute to the Father of Creation, Mother Nature and all humanity. Former chairman of the Iyanola Council for the Advancement of Rastafari Inc (Icar). Member of the Nyahbinghi council of Elders. Currently the chairman of the Caribbean Rastafari Organization (CRO) and my aims and destiny is associated with "Repatriation with reparations " as Afrika awaits its creators. All for One and One for All, working together in such manner there can be no failure.

I started my early life in Cafierre, Choiseul and then moved to Soufriere at the age of seven. I was a school teacher and later became a school Principal at the Soufriere Primary School. After retirement from the profession I offered myself as a candidate for the St.Lucia Labour Party. I represented the Constituency of Soufriere/Fond St. Jacques from 2006 to 2016. My love and passion for country music started from my days in Choiseul. As a young man I followed country music wherever it was played. Proud to be a member of the libertyfmstlucia family hosting the Sunday Night Country session from 7pm to 10 pm.

Eddison Edward known ad Dj Eddy is a very outgoing person who enjoys learning new stuff He has played from staff parties(brewery staff party, Choiseul credit union staff awards, several weddings. What makes him such an exceptional deejay is that he does not only come with the music he comes as a bundle of entertainment because he dances as well which keeps the crowd entertained. He is a very kind person who enjoys working with others also a guy who does his best helping others in any way he can so I can say he’s a very reliable guy.

Arturo Valentino's  radio career started off at RFI FM in Soufriere circa 1985 so it's kinda like deja vu to be back on air after a short break  albeit at Liberty FM. Trained at Radio St.Lucia 660 AM  under the tutelage of Jerry E.M George in the mid 80s before hosting a weekend slot at the now defunct state owned entity. Valentino's first commercial radio break was in 1994 when he joined RCI FM St.Lucia as a swing Announcer..  He migrated to Barbados in 1996,  where he  has worked as an on-air personality at CBC 900AM/947 FM and MIX 96.9 FM in Barbados. Moonlighting as a voice over, Valentino has voice tracked stations in Malta, UK and Spain and does remote broadcasts for stations as far as Malta, Lagos, Nigeria and Kansas city USA.

Jacinta James aka Lady Divine is a gifted St Lucian/ United States trained presenter, she combines the gift of her Sweet, Smooth, Serene and Passionate voice with a wealth of life and work experience , which covers Entertainment, Tourism, Culture, Art , Occupational Health and Safety, Banking , which she gathered in her life whiles traveling the world to deliver to you The Forbidden Glass of wine, and the Country DIVA Affair...

Reneata Dusauzay is a 31 year old radio personality born and raised in Soufriere, St. Lucia. Born the first child of her mother, Reneata always had her nose in a book and successfully achieved a distinction in English at CXC. She completed radio training with Jerry George 12 years ago and has worked previously with RFI ( Radio Free Iyanola), Soufriere Infant School and Bon Nouvel Nature Trails.