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Arturo Valentino's  radio career started off at RFI FM in Soufriere circa 1985 so it's kinda like deja vu to be back on air after a short break  albeit at Liberty FM. Trained at Radio St.Lucia 660 AM  under the tutelage of Jerry E.M George in the mid 80s before hosting a weekend slot at the now defunct state owned entity. Valentino's first commercial radio break was in 1994 when he joined RCI FM St.Lucia as a swing Announcer..  He migrated to Barbados in 1996,  where he  has worked as an on-air personality at CBC 900AM/947 FM and MIX 96.9 FM in Barbados. Moonlighting as a voice over, Valentino has voice tracked stations in Malta, UK and Spain and does remote broadcasts for stations as far as Malta, Lagos, Nigeria and Kansas city USA.

Jacinta James aka Lady Divine is a gifted St Lucian/ United States trained presenter, she combines the gift of her Sweet, Smooth, Serene and Passionate voice with a wealth of life and work experience , which covers Entertainment, Tourism, Culture, Art , Occupational Health and Safety, Banking , which she gathered in her life whiles traveling the world to deliver to you The Forbidden Glass of wine, and the Country DIVA Affair...

Reneata Dusauzay is a 31 year old radio personality born and raised in Soufriere, St. Lucia. Born the first child of her mother, Reneata always had her nose in a book and successfully achieved a distinction in English at CXC. She completed radio training with Jerry George 12 years ago and has worked previously with RFI ( Radio Free Iyanola), Soufriere Infant School and Bon Nouvel Nature Trails.

Julian Cherry has been at the forefront of pastoral ministry for the last 19 years. He is happily married for 29 years now and is blessed to have five sons, who involved with him in the ministry. From 1992 he has given full time leadership to several churches in St. Lucia. However, being in the later years of his life has awakened within him the desire to pioneer Biblically-based and Spirit-led churches that also serve their respective communities

I have been exposed to radio and voice overs since I was a child as my mom and dad was heavily involved. I have an associates degree in mass communication where I first learned about journalism and radio. I started my own show at the barbados community college around the age of 17 named DUH VOICE which was a motivational show. 3 years later I was asked to created a motivational show for the most listened to station in Barbados (HOTT 95.3fm) and motivational Mondays was born. The aim of the show is to give practical motivation on a weekly basis through causal and engaging conversion.

Charles Popo started his working life as a messenger but once he was given the opportunity behind the mic as an announcer he has excelled in his chosen field after spending a good while as a technical operator at Radio Caribbean International (RCI).   Charles was born in Marchand, Castries.  He says his navel string is buried at the Marchand Playing field. He first started his own show in Kweyol on Radio St. Lucia where he produced music features, translated and read news from English, prepared and recorded commercials and public service announcements, conduct interviews and host discussions in Kweyol. But it was the traditional Kweyol culture of Saint Lucia that he immersed himself in - La Woz, La Magwit, Solo, Sewenal, Abwe.  For nearly 20 years Popo traversed St. Lucia from North to South and East to West and all in-between to record Kweyol folk music and to those who embraced St. Lucian culture.  He is a member of the Monsignor Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre. In 1980, Mr Popo was honoured by the St. Lucia Media Workers Association (SLMWA) for Best Kweyol Programme for his broadcast of poems in Kweyol by St. Lucian authors. In 1990-1991, Mr. Popo was awarded a Diploma after he completed studies through GEREC (Groupe d’Etudes et de Recherches en Espace Creolophone) at the Universite des Antilles et de la Guyane, Martinique. He has worked for a number of radio stations in neighbouring Martinique and when he returned to St. Lucia served as their clocal correspondent for news about St. Lucia. In 2017, he received a “Legacy Award” from the organizers of the Kweyol Music competition for: “promoting our Kweyol heritage through radio broadcasting”. In 2020, the Government of St. Lucia presented Mr. Popo with a Les Piton Medal (GOLD) for his untiring service to push forward St. Lucia Cultural traditions and Kweyol music and for his service to the people of St. Lucia as a Kweyol Broadcaster. Mr. Popo has also produced a booklet “Royalty and Roses” based on his research (as the name suggests on the LaWoz Festival), which was edited by Mr. Cletus Springer.